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Product Name:  Special Needles
Made of high quality stainless steel Different needle bevels to meet different injection requirements Size distinguished by the wing's color for the clear recognition Different sizes arvailable

Product Name:  Bone Marrow Transplants Needle
Special Trocar needle and sharp tubing ensure minimal invasion. 5 side holes at front end of tubing,multi-way collect bone marrow,morecfficient and less pain. Human ergonomics handle,comfortable and easy operation. Provide one more needle,ensure sharpness and lesspain when multi-point invasion.

Product Name:  Biopsy Needles
mnidirectional 360°operation.Earth core position-ing,pucture angel accurate to 1°.Target precision±5mm.Cannula attached puncture needle is multi-function:biopsy,injection,body fluid collection,ablation Single puncture,multi-treatment.Assist minimally invasion. Biopsy:equipped with biopsy needles,sigle punc-ture,multi-sample collection.none resistance cut-ting,ensure good quality sample.medicine injec-tion,prevent implantation metastaisi and bleeding.

Product Name:  Stainless Steel Material Cannula
Material:SUS 304 Can make below size welded materrial cannula

Product Name:  Cannulas
Standard biopsy Crown core cut Franseen style Epidural points(Touhy) Spinal points

Product Name:  Inducing Needles
Specially-designed needle hub for the convenience of operation and exact puncture With specially-designed needlepoint,doctor can con-trol resistance freely for exact and smooth puncture Smooth inducing withou block

Product Name:  Alcohol Needles
Solid 3-edge puncturing neediepoint,sharp,little hurt. Multi-hole at needlepoint,easy for medicine solution injected through different direction,uniformity.

Product Name:  Alive Tissue Examination Needle
Use cannula construction,inner puncturing needle with inverse angle for less hurt on tissue. Outer cannula:cutting end with inclined blade,less pain,less friction,quicker cutting. Graduation on outer cannula let doctor know exact position puncturing reach,then sampling Little hurt,safe,effective.

Product Name:  Huber Needles
90 degrees SUS304 stainless steel needle for the convenience of infusion and nurse&primes operation Soft wing providing less stress on the wound to reduce the pain of patients With occlusion clamp for the convenience of controlling flow

Product Name:  Irrigation Needles
Multi angle bended,easy for cleanout,can beused for different occasion. Different type,client can choose products according to irrigation part

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